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Responsive Website Design

It's hard to imagine that in 2014 most small businesses do not have a website (75.2%(1) in fact do not have a website), it's even harder to imagine that those that do have a website have not even thought about going mobile. Here are three reasons your business website should already be responsive.

2015 web design trends

Here are the top 6 web design trends you should be thinking about for 2015.

1) Flat UI (User Interface)

    Gradients have gone the way of gif text, visitor counters, and flash videos. This shift to simple, clean, and clear graphics has taken off, and personally, I love it! As a minimalist, I enjoy the white space and clarity you see with these flat UI sites and I look forward to designing more of them. 


2) Telling a Story

Professional Photography


2 out of 5 local business owners believe their business does not need a website 9 out of 10 consumers move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that's on smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, or TV. 3 out of 5 consumers search for local businesses from their smartphone. 24.8% of local businesses that have a website 85% of consumers that use the internet to find local businesses 91% of consumers that find what they are looking for when using a search engine. 75% of customers that never scroll past the first page of search results.

What is a meme?
A meme is an image, video, bit of text, etc. that is copied and modified with a slight variation and rapidly shared between internet users. A meme often points out specific cultural issues, behaviors, or situations with a humorous or satirical twist.

Introduction Phase

One-page Website

What is a one page website?
A one page website is just that…one page. Each section of content is separated by a design element so viewers know they are on a new piece of content. One page sites are most effective when you have a few sections of content you wish to highlight; Home, About Us, Service/Product, Contact Us. When a viewer clicks on the navigation link (let's say About Us) at the top of the page it jumps or slides down to that section (the About Us section).