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Phillip DePalma Salon

This WordPress site uses the multisite feature built into WordPress that allows multiple websites to be connected to one another. We essentially built four separate websites for Phillip DePalma Salon: one main website plus three more to accomodate their three physical locations. We also built an employee portal with salon news, training events and downloadable employee documents.


Rubber Right Rollers, Inc.

Rubber Right Rollers, Inc. needed a website redesign to attract not only prospective customers but prospective employees as well. We were able to provide them with a responsive design that reflected their brand and image.

We also created a new logo for Rubber Right Rollers which they can now use in all their web, print and marketing materials.

Rubber Right Rollers also wanted the ability to display a list of the materials they use for recovering rollers and to present each material with all its properties in an easy to read chart. We chose Drupal for this feature as it made creating, adding and deleting materials extremely simple.

To add a material an editor simply gives the material a name and fills in the information for each property of the material and Drupal does the rest. Drupal automatically displays the new material in a beautifully formatted and responsive table with all its properties listed.

We also created a Google My Business page for Rubber Right Rollers and added Google Analytics so they can track activity on the site. We provided them with CMS editor and Google Analytics training.

Magnuson Hotel Framingham

When Best Western Framingham switched franchises to become a Magnuson Hotel, they needed a website to reflect their new brand immediately. Because we had previously built their site on a CMS framework, we were able to quickly implement a new theme and get the new hotel website up and running seamlessly without affecting any of the existing content.