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Is it Time to Update Your Logo?

When starting a new company, many small business owners do not believe creating a strong brand/identity is important. They are often more concerned with pay bills, networking, and setting up quickbooks the right way (which isn't to say those things are not important). But what they may not realize is branding plays a huge role in customer confidence. Looking professional will make you stand out among your competitors and this rule, does't only apply to new businesses. Businesses with a long standing in their community also need to update their logo. Here are three reasons you should conceder a logo re-vamp.


Did a professional designer create your logo?

A professional designer knows how to create a logo that evokes the right emotions in a client or potential client. Typeface choices, colors, and icons and symbols all play a role in how your logo is perceived; a professional designer knows that. If a professional did not create your logo you may end up with a logo that does not resize without becoming pixelated. Or a logo that does not represent the qualities of you company. 


Is you company going through or about to go through a major change?

Most companies are ever evolving, adding or dropping services, changing management, expanding, or just keeping up with the times, these are all potential reasons your logo may need to change. If your company now services more states you will need to update your logo to appeal to a wider variety of people. If you are changing management, you may consider changing your logo to reflect that. Your company's logo should be fluid enough to change as needed. Take Shell for example. They have gone through 6 logo updates since 1948. That's nearly an update every 10 years. And Coca-Cola has gone through 7 since 1950. Each logo re-design, for both companies, reflects the styles and trends of the time while keeping the company's brand integrity in tact. You should be doing the same.


Does your logo look dated?

Though we do not recommend designing your website or logo based solely on trends, we do urge clients to consider trends when thinking about updating their logo. As I mentioned before large companies like Coca-Cola and Shell update their logos roughly every ten years. But they do not go through a major overhaul every time. Some times simple changes can make all the difference. Changing a color or typeface can take a dated logo and bring it into the 21st century.