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3 Reasons Your Business Website Should be Responsive

Responsive Website Design

It's hard to imagine that in 2014 most small businesses do not have a website (75.2%(1) in fact do not have a website), it's even harder to imagine that those that do have a website have not even thought about going mobile. Here are three reasons your business website should already be responsive.

The number of smart phone and tablet users searching for local businesses has now surpassed desktop users searching for local business. With 94%(2) of searching originating from a mobile device, and trends suggest nearly all internet traffic will be from mobile devices rather than desktops in 2015, making "going mobile" a must.

The design of your site is key for attracting the right customers. This is no different for your mobile site and its customers. A site that has fonts too small to read, forces the view to zoom, and does not have mobile navigation will drive away potential customers. In fact, 57%(3) of your mobile customers will not recommend your business to others if your site is not designed for mobile viewing.

How often do Apple, HTC, Samsung, and Motorola (to name a few) come out with a new version of their top selling phone? How often is the screen size different from the previous version? If you said, "like every year", and "always", then you know how many smartphones truly are out in the market. With potential customers using phones as old as 2012, and as new as 2014  then you know there are hundreds of screen sizes out there, over 232 unique screen sizes (as of 2013). With that many smart phones out there you need a site that can quickly adapt to the screen and phone environment, that's where responsive comes in. A responsive site re-acts to the screen size and browser the phone uses, to render your site beautifully every time a customer or potential customer goes to your site from their mobile device. (And right now we're only talking phones, think of how many tablets are out there…)