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September 2014

Though each site we create is uniquely tailored to the company we design it for, most small business sites will fall into one(1) of five(5) price ranges. Each price range has different packages, i.e. basic SEO package, or a premium Google Analytics package. Here are the packages we offer.


Write SEO content for home page using keywords selected by client

Write SEO content for specific pages using keywords selected by client

As a small business owner you wear many hats. The one that may be the most daunting is your online marketing and social media hat. As a small business owner myself, I deal with and am aware of the many problems a small business faces. However, as a graphic designer and social media planner I have a unique understanding of how online marketing can work to grow a small business. With so many hats, and so many options I know it may be tempting to take that "they'll build it for me for free" path, but I'm here to tell you why that path is more costly than you think.