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June 2014

Your logo is the foundation on which your business sits. It's a representation of your company/organization and should be original, timeless and unique. These 7 mistakes are most often made by amateurs, and are mistakes you'll want to avoid if you choose to design your logo yourself (though I would recommend hiring a professional, wether it's Clearmark Studios or some other professional).

One-page Website

What is a one page website?
A one page website is just that…one page. Each section of content is separated by a design element so viewers know they are on a new piece of content. One page sites are most effective when you have a few sections of content you wish to highlight; Home, About Us, Service/Product, Contact Us. When a viewer clicks on the navigation link (let's say About Us) at the top of the page it jumps or slides down to that section (the About Us section).

What is Responsive Web Design?
Simply put it's a web design approach that allows your website to re-size and re-shape to provide an optimal viewing experience for your customer. This means your website will render perfectly no matter the device a person uses. This also means you do not have to design and create a separate website for each device you want your site to work on.